The Archives: Oldies but Goodies

Once upon a time, in the late 20th Century, when glue pots, rapidographs and T-squares were the rage, a young Pratt graduate staked his claim. At 24 years young, Bill Goodspeed started an art studio… Storyboards, comp renderings and mechanicals. Remember? Steve Jobs was still three years away from introducing the MacIntosh. Magic markers and rubber cement were tools of the day.

Hard work, networking and luck brought that first big break — a relationship with Seagram’s promotional agency, Siebel/Mohr. (Founder Fritz Siebel illustrated the original children’s classic book Amelia Bedilia.) This rich relationship brought steady assignments and the opportunity to work with a wide range of art directors. Then came an introduction to Pepsi, and the annual “Advertising Materials” booklet, quickly followed by New Line Cinema, Sunshine Cookies, the New York Yankees. American Express, Citibank, DIRECTV, Oracle, Agfa Film, Kirin Beer, A&E, Showtime, Lufthansa, Oracle and more than we could list here.

From Madmen to click rates, the world of marketing, creative services, advertising and design has evolved in ways unimagined only a few decades ago. And at Catch 24, we’ll keep evolving right along with it!